The Ultimate Guide to Facebook as a Business Platform


Hi, Friends, I am going to tell you about how Facebook is a Business Platform. Here I go.

Facebook, the social network par excellence, with the permission of twitter, in 2012 reached 1 billion users, one out of every seven inhabitants of the earth.

What began as a social network, focused on users and personal relationships, has gradually become a very attractive market for companies.

Facebook has been creating tools for the implementation of companies on Facebook, such as business or company pages, these pages are a great tool not only for promotion for companies, but also for feed-back with customers since you can have communicated directly with the client, and collect their opinions. It has also incorporated the option for online sales from Facebook itself. We recommend you read the article on Facebook as a sales platform at

The number of fans on Facebook is a clear indicator of the health of your company and provides you with important information:

Update impressions per fan: number of impressions for each update among people who are fans of your page
Update impressions per unique fan: number of fans who saw your post
Paid update impressions per fan: number of impressions from your fans from an ad or sponsored post of an update
Unique Fan Update Paid Impressions: Number of fans who saw an update in a sponsored post or ad.
The top companies on Facebook by the number of fans are:

1.      Facebook more than 80 million fans.
2.      You Tube 65 million fans
3.      Coca Cola 54 million.
4.      Disney 38 million
5.      MTV 38 million.
Red Bull, Converse, Starbucks or McDonald’s are in the top 10.

Another novelty of Facebook is advertising on Facebook, you can direct the ads to your website, get traffic, or to your Facebook page to get fans. The mechanics are the same as Adwords is by pay per click, but with the advantage that you can segment your audience much better, by age, place of birth, interests. Making your campaigns are much more directed to a specific profile than Google campaigns.

Therefore, do not miss the opportunity, you can access 1000 million potential customers with a single medium, Facebook as a Business Platform.

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