Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization

Search Engine Optimization means working out on the internet to push your website to the top of all the major search engines.  No website is complete without Search Engine Optimization. Check out our 12-keyword package if you want to pay by a month SEO solution where you don’t have to pay the standard 3 months upfront fees or be locked into a six-month contract.

For more complex SEO campaigns, please contact us directly via phone or email, to discuss further.

Social Media Optimization means working inside the Social Media Channels rather than out on the internet with the focus on pushing your profile through the news streams so that you are always seen.  SMO campaigns are customized to individual requests so please contact us directly via phone or email to discuss further.

YouTube Optimization requires specialized skills.  If you want a company that knows how to get your videos found both inside YouTube and out on the internet, this you have come to the right place.  A YTO campaign is also another specialized area, so we can only take individual inquiries via phone or email.

We understand what it takes to make more money for your business. Isn’t that what advertising and marketing are all about?

  • More customers, more sales, and more profit
  • Social prominence across the internet, so you are found first time every time
  • Cut marketing costs by being able to measure your advertising metrics for your social media marketing campaigns

Let us develop a detailed social media marketing blueprint specific to your business that starts small and builds over time, to control costs. Working together, the team at Melbourne Social Media Marketing can create engaging, interactive, and highly targeted campaigns that will bring more customers and sales your way.

We are a full-service social media marketing business delivering powerful solutions to meet every business owner’s objectives. Our goal is to deliver affordable social campaigns that meet your objectives.

Marketing Through Social Media

E               Effective Results – We take you to the top of the search engines

A               Affordable Solutions –Payment plans available

S               Simple – Proven Results, documented evidence

Y               Your full-service digital agency

Using Social Media For Business

S               Structure – Building solutions that fit your needs

I                Implement – Applying the latest internet and social media marketing strategies

M               Market – Marketing in the right channels, bringing you back customers

P               Promote – Boosting sales by increasing awareness of your business, on-line

L               Leads – Driving people to your website, so that they contact you direct

E               Easy – “One Call, One Source, Multiple Service


Actual social media marketing results in numbers and dollars…

Actual social media marketing results in numbers and dollars…

A number of these companies have really struck marketing goldmines and may not even realize it.

As you read some of these stories, you too will be saying: “Wow, that’s a great idea; I can use that for my company and do it even better!”

How’s this social media stuff working for you?

So many companies are quickly embracing social media marketing and reach out to their customers, trying to become a little more human. But there are some that seem down-right awkward in this new role.

Their new “human clothes” just don’t seem to fit right. While many, such as Starbucks are naturals at it.

You see, you just can’t take a company such as Kraft, and paint it a new color, such as Twitter blue, and change the whole way they do business.

Whereas, companies like Starbucks have always had this social, human, reach-out-and-share attitude as a part of their way of doing business.

So when all this social media stuff started developing, it was natural for them, they didn’t have to force it on themselves or figure it out, they were already there!


Now you can get inspired…

I want to say this special report is magic, but when I say things like that everyone gets after me and says “Stop it, Gil, nothing is magic, don’t imply that a book will do all your work for you and take the place of someone at an advertising agency with years of experience.”

Well, I still think it just might be magic, here’s what I mean…

After months of hard work writing this book, I started going over it in its final book form, and it all came together, I was overcome with all this inspiration and excitement pushing me to get started using these ideas!

I was able to compare all 93 companies and easily spot ideas, results, and methods that weren’t that great and compare them with results from other companies that were amazing.

I was able to pull out the real gems and figure out exactly what ideas, results, and examples would work for my marketing! It was like magic, it was amazing!

You too can discover the magic…

And I’m sure you will feel the same way too. Whether you’ve spent years creating social media marketing campaigns, or are new to it and considering how to get started with social media marketing for your company, you’ll discover that this is for you!

Once you see what others have accomplished through their social media marketing, looked at the results, and see what they created  (websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube videos, blogs, and more) you will be the expert, you will be inspired and ready to use this new-found knowledge to make your results skyrocket!


What is “Social Media Marketing”?

Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a sub-area of ​​online marketing. Social media marketing focuses on the social media segment of the internet. The common abbreviation for social media marketing is SMM.

SMM stands for the sum of all measures that fall into the social media area. The following categories are sub-areas of social media marketing and are either used separately or as part of an SMM campaign:

  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social media monitoring
  • Social media advertising

What does “social media” mean?

Social media offers are those pages on the net that enable and encourage a mutual exchange of opinions and experiences of users.

 This includes video portals such as Youtube or Myvideo, communities such as Facebook, StudiVZ or Xing, social bookmark sites such as Mister-Wong, and much more. These are the well-known big offers. There are also many small social media pages on the Internet. Anyone can create one, for free and with little effort. The easiest way is in the form of a blog, where you can share your opinions and experiences with the whole world.


Social media has been around for a long time. The fact that social media could be used specifically for marketing measures was recognized quite late. This is how the term social media marketing came about.

Since social media will play an important role in the network of the future, it is important to adapt accordingly today. In connection with social media, the terms social web or web 2.0 are also often used.

Example of good social media marketing campaigns – and less good ones:

The social media marketing campaign worth mentioning and receiving a lot of attention is Dell on the Twitter microblogging service. With currently 34 accounts, Dell keeps its current and future customers up to date.

There are Twitter channels that deal with the latest developments in the computer market, profiles that are dedicated to music, film, and lifestyle, and of course the sales channels with special offers and promotions of all kinds.

According to its own information, Dell has had more than a million since 2008 Dollars through its Twitter channels. It doesn’t seem like much in terms of total sales, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Especially since Dell not only stores automated tweets, but also enters into a concrete dialogue with its followers (what tweets and followers are, you can find on,

How better not to do social media marketing

The currently most frightening example of a social media marketing campaign aimed primarily at building an image is that of the fee collection center is not the most popular institution. which is expected to be rough

As you can see, social media marketing is a very broad field. For this reason, we created this site. We are social media fans and are eager to follow current developments in this area. Whenever there is something new, we will report on it. And we like to repeat it again.


How To Become A Social Media Marketing Genius

Be A Social Media Marketing Genius

If you are in business as an entrepreneur, a small-to-medium business owner, an Internet Marketer, or Social Media Manager…

…Who wants to know how to generate hoards of Traffic & make more sales using Social Media…

… then you’ve come to the right place…


Because in just a short time, you could be the proud owner of a Social Media presence that your market is absolutely glued to & leaves your competitors green with envy. I believe in the power of Social Media & the effect it can have on your business, no matter what market you are in

So what exactly can Social Media do for your business?

Here are just a few things a properly managed Social Media campaign can do for your business…

  • Help You Make More Sales for any product or service you like
  • Get more Inbound Phone Calls & Email Enquiries
  • Attract Your Target Market so You can stay in constant contact with them
  • Drive loads of targeted traffic to your website or blog every single day
  • Build a monster-sized, laser targeted email list
  • Help You Gain Instant Credibility & Authority in your Market
  • Build Massive Social Proof quickly
  • Distribute your content far & wide so it gets shared all over the web
  • Save money because the majority of Social Media traffic is free
  • Build Trust & Rapport with your audience by delivering value on a daily basis
  • Build a vast network of other top professionals in your industry & get big joint venture deals
  • Raise Brand awareness
  • Get people to attend your live events & webinars

I’m sure you agree all those things are very nice, but notice I said you need a “Properly Managed” campaign. Because a lot of people go about Social Media Marketing all wrong & then end up coming to the conclusion that it doesn’t work

It does work but only when done in the right way…

You need the right tools. You need the right knowledge. You need the right approach

My blueprint to Social Media success could be summed up in these simple yet often ignored steps…

  1. You find a hungry audience & understand exactly what they really want
  2. You consistently offer them the information they value… by communicating with them in this way you will earn their trust & dissolve their natural resistance toward you
  3. You occasionally make them an offer that resonates deeply and moves them to action. All the good work you have put in previously has helped them understand that you’re the one they should be buying from.  And that they should be buying from you NOW
  4. You constantly continue to build your network & expand your reach

The 4 steps are simple but trust me there is a whole lot of “HOW??” in-between. Not to mention all the technical aspects of using Social Media sites. You could waste years rummaging around, trying to gather all the information that you need to know.

That’s why I have created The Social Media Marketing Academy…

It’s the most comprehensive & complete Social Media Marketing Training Course on the planet


What is Social media optimization and Social media marketing?

Social Media Optimization: SMO

In social media optimization, we will introduce information around social media and marketing methods that utilize social media. We will introduce as many examples as possible both in Japan and overseas to make the site easy to understand.

What are social media optimization and social media marketing?

Social media refers to media such as SNS, blogs, and social bookmarks in which the user himself/herself is both the sender and receiver of information.
In recent years, SNS and blogs have become quite popular, so it is being discussed how to get people to take up their services on these social media, give them positive comments and ratings, and raise their awareness. These techniques are called social media optimization, social media marketing, and so on.

To know about social media marketing

Before marketing on social media, it is first necessary to understand how social media works. After understanding how it works, let’s actually touch multiple social media so that we can be closer to the users of social media. Most social media are free to sign up for, so visit them and take a look inside to see what users are using and how.

Blog site summary

The link between blogging and social media optimization (SMO) Blogs are one of the most effective tools for social media optimization, so if you don’t have one yet, we recommend that you create one as soon as possible. With the blog ASP service, you can easily open a blog for free. Functions vary depending on the service. Free tools installed on the server take time to install, but have the advantages of being easy to use, customizing, and having a high degree of freedom.

Social bookmark summary

What is a social bookmark? Social bookmarking is a tool that allows you to bookmark online. You will be able to search your favorites from any PC. It is convenient to be able to share information with others. In addition, you will be able to display popularity rankings and follow seasonal topics according to the number of bookmarks. On this page, we will list social bookmarks and summarize easy comparisons of services.

It is troublesome to use multiple with SNS, so I think that many people choose one and use it. There seems to be a tool to register multiple social bookmarks at the same time, but I think it makes little sense if there is no merit to use multiple. Some people may use it differently depending on the field of language, but I think there are still a few. Existing major portals such as Yahoo, Google, Livedoor, and nifty are starting.

Web Services

Omena web services

Professionally Designed Home Page

You will receive a sharp-looking, professionally designed home page, customized to contain vital information about your business.
Many Internet services use commonly available ‘canned/packaged’ design templates to create new web sites. Our design templates are unique and were created exclusively for Omena Web Services. This allows us to provide small business owners like you with high-quality, original web sites.
Each of our web site templates is available in multiple color combinations.

Business Domain Name

We will secure your domain name for you. You will get your own web address, and not just a page on someone else’s web site.
You can select your domain name during the ordering process.

Web Space Rental

Your new web site will require web space on an Internet server. We will take care of securing the space you need, and include an entire year’s rental as part of your purchase price.

Email Addresses

You will get two email addresses with your new web site. These email addresses will match your new domain name are provided at no additional charge.

Search Engine Submissions

We will submit your new web site to the Google search engine, along with other non-fee based search engines like AllTheWeb, EntireWeb, and MixCat. These submissions are critical because most potential customers will find your website through the use of search engines. We will also design your new web site to be Search Engine Friendly. This too is critical, because it will give your site greater visibility to potential customers.

Technical Support

If you need to make changes to the vital business information on your web site, please use our Contact Us page to submit your request to a member of our technical support team.
There is a link to our Contact Us page at the top of every page on our web site.

Enhanced Services

If you need to enhance your web site with additional pages and/or functionality, please use our Contact Us page to request an estimate from our Enhanced Services Team. You will receive a reply within 1-2 business days

Below the Advantages of having a website for your small business.

  • Inexpensive Advertising
  • Attract Targeted Buyers
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Increased Competitiveness
  • Positive Impact
  • Future Growth
  • Low Maintenance
  • Quality and Service
Web Services

Maxey Web Services

A professionally designed website will establish your unique identity on the web, market your products or services, act as an extended advertisement, and help you communicate more effectively with your client base.

Our services include the design, build, and maintenance of websites to promote your business; digital photography, and creation of bespoke artwork for use in promotional material for your website. We also offer front-line computer and peripherals on-site trouble-shooting.

We commit ourselves to work closely with you to develop an effective website that meets your business needs – whether it be an on-line brochure, news distribution, or simply an Internet presence – you choose.

Free ‘Site’ Consultation
We liaise closely with you to decide the project parameters for your future website or redesign/makeover of your existing site. Together we determine which existing materials – corporate literature, letterheads, logos, graphics, and photos, etc. – can or should be incorporated into
the site and what additional material needs to be developed.
You receive a price estimate and a time-frame for completion of the project, if applicable.
Terms of Service apply.

Copy Writing and Editing
We can help create a clear, concise copy or edit existing text for your web pages.
Digital Photo Scanning and Retouching
We will scan, retouch, and color tune your old/existing photos, or assist in creating new material.

Custom Graphics
We can create a custom page banner and logo to give your business a unique identity.

Graphics Optimisation
We manipulate the .gif, .jpg, .png graphic, or photo images with optimizing software to improve their download speeds.

Search Engine Optimisation
We design your pages to take advantage of meta tags and keywords (a sort of “shorthand” description of your site that search engines understand) to enhance your search engine ranking

Site Maintenance
We update your site with current information as you provide it.

Search Engine Submission
We submit your site to the major search engines and directories including AltaVista, Google, Infoseek, HotBot, Lycos, WebCrawler, Yahoo, etc.

Domain Registration and Hosting
We work with you to register your site name with the appropriate authorities, including domain name availability searches and arranging for site hosting.

Complimentary Services
We offer an additional range of IT related services to small businesses, sole operators, and individuals, including:

Digital Photography
We can facilitate your web-oriented photography needs – from stock/product illustrations to promotional material. We can upload it directly to your PC* or burn it on to CD. The material can be digitally enhanced for optimal output dependent on end-use.

Hardware and Peripherals Trouble-shooting
Can’t get your printer/scanner/camera to work? Our front-line troubleshooting services should get you back up and running. Problems requiring workbench/technician input can be referred to as our affiliate service at Apollo Computers.

New PC Set-up
Just bought a PC from Tiny/PC World/John Lewis? Not sure where everything plugs in? Need to get on-line for the first time and establish an email address with an ISP? Let us do the hard work for you, leaving your system ready to go.

Web Services

Web Media Services

The integrity of any professional service is defined by the people who make it happen. Our staff is diverse and talented, capable of turning the internet into a useful tool for almost any business. This new medium can be an ambiguous glob of cryptic acronyms and confusing terminology. We’ll explain and teach. We’re not interested in “cool”.

We don’t want to create “art”. We just want to put the internet to work for our clients. We design. We program. We re-design. We also adapt. No single Web Media employee ever says “That’s not my problem.” Each of us will promptly assist you. If we don’t know something, we learn it; if there’s a gap, we fill it. If, after every stone has been turned, we can’t help you, we’ll find someone who can. However, this circumstance has yet to present itself.

We’ve worked under just about all conditions, in most cases providing all aspects of service. We pride ourselves on the strength of our relationships – many of our clients have been with us since our founding.

Web Media Services Group is a top-quality web design and development company located in Buffalo, New York. Our services include web site design & development, multimedia/flash development, logo/identity creation,
e-commerce, content management systems, print materials, interactive CD-ROMs, and digital signage for a large range of corporate, government, and non-profit clients.


  • Web Site Design & Development
  • Multimedia/Flash Development
  • Logo/Identity Creation
  • E-Commerce
  • Content Management Systems
  • Customer/Supplier Extranets
  • Employee Intranets
  • Interactive CD-ROMs
  • Digital Signage


  • Helping clients define marketing/customer service goals and objectives
  • Writing strategic planning documents
  • Assistance with sound decision-making regarding the use of internet and server technologies
  • Determining realistic expectations
  • Developing new ideas for the use of web/internet technology to enhance marketing and customer service efforts
  • Creating phased implementation/rollout plans and schedules


  • Developing appealing web-based graphic design concepts
  • Designing user-friendly interfaces that load quickly and promote user satisfaction
  • Creating useful site architecture and navigation systems
  • Establishing a consistent professional graphic image across large sites or groups of sites
  • Designing banner ads, icons, and other online marketing materials


  • Constructing pages and interfaces using HTML and JavaScript techniques that are compliant with a wide range of browsers and operating systems
  • Designing interactive features using .NET, ASP, PHP, Perl, and other advanced server-side programming techniques
  • Integrating database technologies (SQL, MS Access) to create sophisticated data-driven web sites
  • Using dynamic page-generation technologies to streamline maintenance and updates
  • System administration of Windows NT, Unix, and Macintosh web servers
  • Creating web-based administration interfaces for clients to easily perform maintenance and updates


  • Acting as an outsourced supplier of web content maintenance services
  • Developing procedures and interfaces for client in-house maintenance
  • Training of client staff in web page editing techniques
  • Monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly web site traffic reports and expert analysis
  • Evaluation of emerging server technologies
  • Hardware and software update
Web Services

Budget Website Services

You’ve obviously come across Budget Website Services because you are looking for a Website for yourself that is going to promote your business without costing you an arm and a leg to set up and maintain. All businesses benefit from having a Website even those that have a budget to keep to, as it’s the most common media now used to look for products and services. In this day of modern technology, more and more people are turning to the Internet rather than the Yellow pages or Thompson local directory, after all, you just found this site on the Internet, but it’s not listed in any contemporary telephone directory.

Now we could tell you about all the complicated things that go into building a Website, but that would just be wasting your time and in business time is money. So we have kept this site small, basic, and to the point, as our work speaks for its self as you can see if you visit the portfolio page.

A lot of small businesses, clubs, and associations looking for a company to build them a Website are put off by the cost. The average cost of putting up even a small site (2-3 pages) by a big web design company will normally cost around £500 to £1000.00 or even more, but we can make you a unique site for a fraction of the cost that bigger company’s charge. Budget Website services are proud of the fact that we are the lowest cost commercial website construction company in the UK.

You provide the content, be it text, drawings, photos whatever, you can e-mail the content from the comfort of your own office or home which means you don’t have to attend any meetings or take time out of your busy workday. If you have an idea of how you would like your Website to look or the colors you would like used you can give us that too, unlike a lot of companies that only give you a limited choice of a few templates, we will build the site the way you want it. That way it keeps your Website unique to your company.

What it will cost.

At this stage on other similar websites, many other companies shy away by saying “Call us for a quote”, but we are proud of the fact that we offer a first-rate service that gives you good value for your money.
Now, remember that we said it will cost you a fraction of what the larger company’s charge, well that’s exactly what we meant.

The initial setup fee is for a basic 5-page site. Which includes; your own domain name, (Website address) or .com* which is valid for 2 years (. com* 1 year) & is extendable after that. Your home page (the first main page on your site) + up to four other pages at the time of setting up.
If your site does not need updating then you have nothing to pay, it’s as simple as that. Your links page is kept updated for free whenever you have a new link to add!

  • Domain name
  • Up to 5 pages in the basic package.
  • No maintenance = No fee.
  • Links pages kept updated for free.
  • Initial cost

If you do not have anywhere to host your website we can arrange to have your website hosted with a web hosting company for a small additional charge.

Custom graphics.
Although we can produce simple graphics any custom graphics, complicated company logos ect.. that you may require will be contracted to a specialist graphics company (additional charge), this can be arranged by us or you can have them made & forward them on for inclusion on your site.

Web Services

Spotlight on XML, Web Services, SOA, Grids, and Semantics:

Spotlight on XMLWeb ServicesSOAGrids, and Semantics:
Oracle Releases HotPluggable SOA Suite
Oracle Corporation released a suite of developer tools for creating collaborative applications using a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The suite’s hotpluggable architecture enables organizations to integrate new services while preserving their existing IT infrastructureThe Oracle SOA Suite includes Oracle BPEL Process ManagerBusiness Rules EngineBusiness Activity MonitoringEnterprise Service Bus (ESB), JDeveloper 10g, and Web Services, Manager.
Mercury Interactive Acquires SOA Software Vendor Systinet:
Systinetone of the leading SOA software vendorsis the target of a planned acquisition by Mercury InteractiveMercury offers business technology optimization (BTOsoftware and plans to marry the  Systinet  SOA software with its Mercury BTO EnterpriseTM products.
XML Still Going Strong
Contributing Editor Madhu Siddalingaiah reports the recent XML 2005 conference in Atlanta featured a strong technical programHe writes about David Megginson’s keynote addressa lively panel discussion about “Efficient XML” and insights from visionary Miko Matsumura.
Eclipse Debuts Web Tools Platform 1.0:
The Eclipse Foundation has released a Web Tools Platform (WTPfor J2EE and Web developersWTP version 1.0 builds on the extensible Eclipse framework and provide infrastructure for the Eclipse SOA Tools PlatformLeading J2EE vendorsincluding BEABorlandIBMJBoss, and ObjectWebhave endorsed the Web Tools Platform.
IBM and Microsoft Pull Plug on UDDI Public Registry:
IBM and Microsoft shut down the Universal DescriptionDiscovery,  and Integration (UDDI ) public registryeffective January 122006The shutdown comes more than five years after an impressive list of partners announced UDDIIBMMicrosoftSystinet, and the Apache Software Foundation will continue to support their implementations of the  OASIS UDDI specification.
Progress Software Releases Stylus Studio 2006 XML Enterprise  Edition:
The Stylus Studio 2006 XML product line includes editors for XMLXQueryDTD and XML SchemaIt also includes an XSLT debuggerDataDirect XQuery Java component, and tools for converting X12 and EDIFACT messages to XML.
Declarative XML Processing with XQuery:
XML Query Working Group suggests a direction the industry should be taking with XML and XQuery processingShe stipulates XML is more than a technology for documentation and data interchange and that we haven’t exploited it to its fullest potentialDana emphasizes the use of declarative programming instead of processing XML with imperative or procedural techniques.