The 8 Coolest Elegant WordPress Themes


At first, I mainly focused on free Elegant WordPress themes. After a while, I found out that the range of quality free themes is very limited. I started looking for so-called premium WordPress themes.

Choosing the right theme for your blog. Quite a difficult choice. After all, there are thousands of themes available on the internet, free or paid. There are of course a number of gems among the free templates, but they are often used by competing colleagues.

You quickly end up with large parties such as Woothemes and ThemeForest – which also has nothing wrong with them, they also have a wide portfolio with a number of beautiful themes – but after a good search I ended up with another party called Elegant themes.

The advantage of Elegant WordPress themes is that they do not charge you per theme, but you pay for a total package. When you have paid an amount of only $ 39, you have access to 74 Premium WordPress themes (and counting!). So you only pay around € 30.00 (depending on the exchange rate) for 74 themes or € 0.40 per the theme. A bargain!

I have highlighted 8 of the 74 Premium WordPress themes for you. These 8 are the absolute gems that you should use once:
– Leibniz
– eStore
– cuisine
– InStyle
– Sky
– Web
– ElegantEstate
– Boutique

I will briefly describe the themes mentioned below. You will also find a link to the Elegant Themes website where you can find more information about the template in question. You can already take a look via the demo link.

1. LeanBiz

Leibniz has a very sleek design, whereby the homepage is dominated by a beautiful slideshow that uses the entire width of the page. The use of natural tones makes colorful images stand out perfectly.

2. eStore

eStore is a great template for a webshop. The design is clearly optimized for conversion. For example, you will find the Deals of the day on the homepage and you can draw extra attention to a number of products. All facets are there to make your webshop a success!

3. My Cuisine

This theme is ideal for a restaurant. Easily show your visitors where you are located with the Google Maps integration. We have also thought of fitting in a stylish menu card. The slideshow on the homepage completes the professional look!

4. InStyle

You won’t find many WordPress themes where the entire background acts as a slideshow. Elegant themes do have such a theme available, namely inStyle! With a beautiful homepage, the bounce rate will probably get pretty low.

5. Sky

When you see the Sky theme you would never guess that it is a WordPress website. The clouds in the background – which move when you change pages – give the theme an extra dimension. A multi-purpose WordPress theme!

6. Webly

This theme is just super sleek. Every time I watch the demo I think to myself “Why haven’t I used this theme for a website yet?”. So do it once! Very professional and stylish.

7. Elegant Estate

Are you planning to set up a website for a broker? Then this is your theme! The Elegant Estate theme has all the tools to make your website a success. Easy browsing through the housing offer, Google Maps integration, clear categorization. Everything in a distinct way!

8. Boutique

And last but not least, I will introduce you to the theme “Boutique”, just like eStore the perfect basis for your WordPress webshops. The theme has a crisp & clean look and many options for adjusting the theme, such as color tones and font. Take a look for yourself through the demo.

These were they, 8 great Premium WordPress themes from Elegant Themes. These are the themes that appeal to me the most and I believe that each of these themes forms an ideal basis for your WordPress website.

Since everyone has their own taste, I can imagine that there are plenty of other themes that appeal to you. Take a look at the Elegant Themes website and let yourself be surprised!

Remember, you only have to register once and you have access to all Elegant WordPress themes!

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