How to Save Your Facebook Account From Facebook Scam


Hi, friends how are you now I am explaining a message about Facebook Scam that if you suffer or hacked by a hacker and if you lose your Facebook id obviously you must suffer hugely but now Facebook has come with some helpful points. From now you can avoid or reply to action for them who want to hack or sending you a phishing message.

The Social Networking website Facebook has set up a new email account for people to report Facebook scams/phishing emails. This email only uses for the protection of Facebook scams/phishing email. If you receive any suspicious email message from Facebook.

Just you forward it to [email protected] Identified as Facebook scams/phishing, such emails try to get login information and other details by acting to come from a reputed business. We will report Facebook scam/phishing to other security firms and notify blacklists that Internet firms keep avoiding harmful sites.

Because many people today use identical passwords at financial companies such as banks and other sites, anyone who obtains account details for Facebook can use it elsewhere. It will also protect users from publishing such links on Facebook, Facebook said on its security page.

Facebook says scams/phishing usually contain information that more unexplained than what’s in legitimate email messages from Facebook. Back in April, Facebook joined with antivirus and security firms that offer free 6 months trial downloads.

But nowadays Facebook has become advanced and even more entertaining.


You always see your browser when you log in to your account or id. If you see some change in your never enter a secret password and username. Because hack3r makes a phishing page as a Facebook page. or they are a very trickier person to hack your account.

So you never give your same password a different place.

  • You never use these kinds of information
  • Your personal mobile
  • Your real name
  • Your home address
  • Your other real options
  • You never use the letter of the same character

such as


===smith angel

  • You can use these same as


[email protected] etc

  • You always use a mix of word

 === [email protected]

 [email protected]#$

Because hacker try with these step they use dictionary check

===Bruteforce check

===Common words Related information with the client.

So in this way you can save yourself from Facebook scams in your routine life.

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