How to Avoid Common Marketing Mistakes


In this article, you will learn about the typical advertising Marketing Mistakes that form negative customer attitudes to your business.

In most cases, marketing mistakes seriously threaten your business. But with mistakes, conclusions are drawn and experience is gained. If it is not gradually transformed into the signs that indicate the way of effective marketing. However, some bugs are completely too expensive. They spoil the company’s reputation and make us a laughing stock in the eyes of customers and colleagues.

How to Avoid Common Marketing Mistakes

Marketing tips: When planning an advertising campaign in the international market, use the services of professional translators. In any case, do not post marketing materials using translators or online software.

Unwillingness to consider the human factor

Brands often use dry language in business marketing campaigns. They forget that on the other side of the screen or the monitor they are real people. These people want to communicate with the same people, and not the names of companies and products.

Businesses need to build relationships with specific customers, and not throw pieces of information at a faceless audience. The effectiveness of this approach is confirmed by the marketing research company Nielsen, an audience devoted to trusting advertising.

Marketing Tips: When creating marketing messages, remember that you are going to read, see, and hear real people. Talk to the audience that is interested.

Speculation on Marketing Mistakes

The use of social themes, such as issues of fighting a serious illness, often spoils the reputation of the company. Business organizations can and should participate in charity and participate in solving social problems. However, they should not use this work for advertising. This is illustrated by the following example. AT&T posts on Twitter, note the anniversary of the destruction of the New York World Trade Center towers.

AT&T fans decided that the company would use the memory of the tragic event to advertise its own product. The negative reaction from the public forced AT&T merchants to delete the tweet an hour after posting.

Marketing Tips: Don’t use social issues or tragic events for business promotion. Leave this niche to social services and non-profit organizations that cannot be accused of speculation on the tragedy for their own benefit. By the way, nonprofits are able to use high-profile events to draw public attention to some issues.

Lack of sensitivity

Senzitivnost is a psychological term. It refers to the ability to feel human reactions, moods, ulterior motives of other people.

Marketing Tips: In publishing marketing content, you should try to predict the reaction of users. Think, if the publication does not offend the representatives of the audience.

The incorrect use of social networks

The emergence of new social media features increases the chances of sellers. However, brand representatives often use social media features correctly. For example, a McDonald restaurant chain uses the hashtag # McDStories, to encourage users to share nostalgic stories associated with this brand. However, specialists have paid little attention to defense. People started using the proposed hashtag to complain to chain-run restaurant chains about poor service or poor quality products.

Marketing Tips: learn the characteristics of social networks. Use the new features only if you have fully explored the principles of your work. Pay attention to your friends to report Marketing Mistakes and get followers.

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