Actual social media marketing results in numbers and dollars…


Actual social media marketing results in numbers and dollars…

A number of these companies have really struck marketing goldmines in social media marketing and may not even realize it.

As you read some of these stories, you too will be saying: “Wow, that’s a great idea; I can use that for my company and do it even better!”

How’s this social media stuff working for you?

So many companies are quickly embracing social media marketing and reach out to their customers, trying to become a little more human. But there are some that seem down-right awkward in this new role.

Their new “human clothes” just don’t seem to fit right. While many, such as Starbucks are naturals at it.

You see, you just can’t take a company such as Kraft, and paint it a new color, such as Twitter blue, and change the whole way they do business.

Whereas, companies like Starbucks have always had this social, human, reach-out-and-share attitude as a part of their way of doing business.

So when all this social media stuff started developing, it was natural for them, they didn’t have to force it on themselves or figure it out, they were already there!


Now you can get inspired…

I want to say this special report is magic, but when I say things like that everyone gets after me and says “Stop it, Gil, nothing is magic, don’t imply that a book will do all your work for you and take the place of someone at an advertising agency with years of experience.”

Well, I still think it just might be magic, here’s what I mean…

After months of hard work writing this book, I started going over it in its final book form, and it all came together, I was overcome with all this inspiration and excitement pushing me to get started using these ideas!

I was able to compare all 93 companies and easily spot ideas, results, and methods that weren’t that great and compare them with results from other companies that were amazing.

I was able to pull out the real gems and figure out exactly what ideas, results, and examples would work for my marketing! It was like magic, it was amazing!

You too can discover the magic…

And I’m sure you will feel the same way too. Whether you’ve spent years creating social media marketing campaigns, or are new to it and considering how to get started with social media marketing for your company, you’ll discover that this is for you!

Once you see what others have accomplished through their social media marketing, looked at the results, and see what they created  (websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube videos, blogs, and more) you will be the expert, you will be inspired and ready to use this new-found knowledge to make your results skyrocket!

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