Don’t Waste Time! Facts Until You Reach Your Social Networks


Let’s see quickly and in a summarized way what Social Networks, Backlinks, and SEO are, just so that potential beginning readers can establish a relationship and get to work in search of optimizing their website:

SEO: is the acronym for three words Search, Engine, Optimization. Translated into Spanish it would be Search Engine Optimization.

– Backlinks: all external links that point to or are linked to your own website.

–          Social Networks: social networks on the Internet are all the websites that make up a number of people around their services and active and constant channels of virtual communication, whether through videos, chat, text messages, or voice. Significant examples such as Facebook, Twitter, Google more, among others.

The relationship between each of them is evident, the more Backlinks, the better the web positioning, and the social networks are an ideal means to generate many Backlinks to our site by Social Networks.

To sign up for social networks efficiently and quickly, you can use the Social Market web. In it, you can publish in a simple way, with a lot of time-saving, on the social networks in which you are registered. If you still lack sites to sign up for, of those that appear in the Social Market list, now is the time to do it.

We are going to see, step by step, how to use Social Market:

– In the form that appears on the right, complete the indicated text boxes.

– Title: the title is written, the name of the article that you have published and uploaded to your website.

Link (URLs): it is the link of the web where you published the article with the title written in the previous box.

– Text: you must write a minimum description of the article. Pay close attention to this text, it must be attractive, original, simple, in the style of newspaper headlines.

– Tags (separate by commas): write the keywords of your article and always separate them by commas.

– Click Submit.

On the page that will open next, you will see a bar at the bottom of the page with the data you just filled out. These are data that you will use constantly. So you only have to copy and paste them to their corresponding site. Click on continue and you will have to complete each of the bookmarks or Social Networks in which you have registered.

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