Search Engines, Social Networks and Seo Optimization


All the resources and efforts in optimization are looking to increase the visibility of your website. Visibility means that the web:

– Be found quickly by search engines and appear on the first pages of search results.

– It is relevant for its content, and quality.

– It is popular and meaningful.

Internet searches, through search engines, are carried out according to the words that users type in these search engines. These words are used to find the websites that have the keywords that match those previously written, for example in Google. A simple example: If we type in Google “women’s shoes” or “women’s shoes”, the search engines will look for all the sites indexed in their databases with the words “shoes” and “women”, both linked and each linked to other words.

That is why several pages appear and in each one many pages found. Of these, the best positioned are those that appear on the first page in the Google search result and perhaps also on the second, because from the third onwards very few explore its content and even fewer click on its websites.

Therefore, if you want Google to find you quickly and in one of the top positions on its list in the results, you must optimize, that is, choose your keywords properly. This is a more than advertised aspect, highlighted by all SEO specialists for Optimization and connoisseurs around the world and in any language.

It also seems relevant to me that a blog or website has spaces for interaction with users and clients. This is a way to please, clarify, serve, and achieve clients that remain over time as visitors to your websites.

Always answer them, continuously and personally, the curious thing about this aspect is that search engines pay a lot of attention to this type of traffic, which increases the relevance of your website. And of course accounts in the most used social networks such as Facebook, and Twitter.

In the case of YouTube, it may be more complicated for you, because you have to do the filming and a small script. But at present, the level of resolution of mobiles and tablets is more than enough for YouTube. In addition, video is a very effective form of communication and is a more than useful promotion for Optimization.

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