How To Make More Budget Website Services By Doing Less


Hi, You’ve obviously come across Budget Website Services because you are looking for a Website for yourself that is going to promote your business without costing you an arm and a leg to set up and maintain. All businesses benefit from having a Website even those that have a budget to keep to, as it’s the most common media now used to look for products and services. In this day of modern technology, more and more people are turning to the Internet rather than the Yellow pages or Thompson local directory, after all, you just found this site on the Internet, but it’s not listed in any contemporary telephone directory.

Now we could tell you about all the complicated things that go into building a Website, but that would just be wasting your time and in business time is money. So we have kept this site small, basic, and to the point, as our work speaks for its self as you can see if you visit the portfolio page.

A lot of small businesses, clubs, and associations looking for a company to build them a Website are put off by the cost. The average cost of putting up even a small site (2-3 pages) by a big web design company will normally cost around £500 to £1000.00 or even more, but we can make you a unique site for a fraction of the cost that bigger company’s charge. Budget Website services are proud of the fact that we are the lowest cost commercial website construction company in the UK.


You provide the content, be it text, drawings, photos whatever, you can e-mail the content from the comfort of your own office or home which means you don’t have to attend any meetings or take time out of your busy workday. If you have an idea of how you would like your Website to look or the colors you would like used you can give us that too, unlike a lot of companies that only give you a limited choice of a few templates, we will build the site the way you want it. That way it keeps your Website unique to your company.

What it will cost?

At this stage on other similar websites, many other companies shy away by saying “Call us for a quote”, but we are proud of the fact that we offer a first-rate service that gives you good value for your money.
Now, remember that we said it will cost you a fraction of what the larger company’s charge, well that’s exactly what we meant.

The initial setup fee is for a basic 5-page site. Which includes; your own domain name, (Website address) or .com* which is valid for 2 years (. com* 1 year) & is extendable after that. Your home page (the first main page on your site) + up to four other pages at the time of setting up.
If your site does not need updating then you have nothing to pay, it’s as simple as that. Your links page is kept updated for free whenever you have a new link to add!

  • Domain name
  • Up to 5 pages in the basic package.
  • No maintenance = No fee.
  • Links pages kept updated for free.
  • Initial cost


If you do not have anywhere to host your website we can arrange to have your website hosted with a web hosting company for a small additional charge.

Custom graphics

Although we can produce simple graphics any custom graphics, complicated company logos ect.. that you may require will be contracted to a specialist graphics company (additional charge), this can be arranged by us or you can have them made & forward them on for inclusion on your site for Budget Website services. For more info click here.

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