Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization


Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization

Search Engine Optimization means working out on the internet to push your website to the top of all the major search engines.  No website is complete without Search Engine Optimization. Check out our 12-keyword package if you want to pay by a month SEO solution where you don’t have to pay the standard 3 months upfront fees or be locked into a six-month contract.

For more complex SEO campaigns, please contact us directly via phone or email, to discuss further.

YouTube Optimization requires specialized skills.  If you want a company that knows how to get your videos found both inside YouTube and out on the internet, this you have come to the right place.  A YTO campaign is also another specialized area, so we can only take individual inquiries via phone or email.

We understand what it takes to make more money for your business. Isn’t that what advertising and marketing are all about?

  • More customers, more sales, and more profit
  • Social prominence across the internet, so you are found first time every time
  • Cut marketing costs by being able to measure your advertising metrics for your social media marketing campaigns

Let us develop a detailed social media marketing blueprint specific to your business that starts small and builds over time, to control costs. Working together, the team at Melbourne Social Media Marketing can create engaging, interactive, and highly targeted campaigns that will bring more customers and sales your way.

We are a full-service social media marketing business delivering powerful solutions to meet every business owner’s objectives. Our goal is to deliver affordable social campaigns that meet your objectives.

Marketing Through Social Media

E            Effective Results – We take you to the top of the search engines

A-Affordable Solutions –Payment plans available

S            Simple – Proven Results, documented evidence

Y           Your full-service digital agency

Using Social Media For Business

S               Structure – Building solutions that fit your needs

I                Implement – Applying the latest internet and social media marketing strategies

M               Market – Marketing in the right channels, bringing you back customers

P               Promote – Boosting sales by increasing awareness of your business, on-line

L               Leads – Driving people to your website, so that they contact you direct

E               Easy – “One Call, One Source, Multiple Service

Social Media Optimization means working inside the Social Media Channels rather than out on the internet with the focus on pushing your profile through the news streams so that you are always seen.  SMO campaigns are customized to individual requests so please contact us directly via phone or email to discuss further.

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