The Next Things to Do About What is ” Social Marketing”?


Social Marketing

Social media marketing is a sub-area of ​​online marketing. Social marketing focuses on the social media segment of the internet. The common abbreviation for social media marketing is SMM.

SMM stands for the sum of all measures that fall into the social media area. The following categories are sub-areas of social marketing and are either used separately or as part of an SMM campaign:

  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social media monitoring
  • Social media advertising

What does “social media” mean?

Social media offers are those pages on the net that enable and encourage a mutual exchange of opinions and experiences of users.

 This includes video portals such as Youtube or Myvideo, communities such as Facebook, StudiVZ or Xing, social bookmark sites such as Mister-Wong, and much more. These are the well-known big offers. There are also many small social media pages on the Internet. Anyone can create one, for free and with little effort. The easiest way is in the form of a blog, where you can share your opinions and experiences with the whole world.

Social media has been around for a long time. The fact that social media could be used specifically for marketing measures was recognized quite late. This is how the term social marketing came about.

Since social media will play an important role in the network of the future, it is important to adapt accordingly today. In connection with social media, the terms social web or web 2.0 are also often used.

Example of good social media marketing campaigns – and less good ones:

The social marketing campaign worth mentioning and receiving a lot of attention is Dell on the Twitter microblogging service. With currently 34 accounts, Dell keeps its current and future customers up to date.

There are Twitter channels that deal with the latest developments in the computer market, profiles that are dedicated to music, film, and lifestyle, and of course the sales channels with special offers and promotions of all kinds.

According to its own information, Dell has had more than a million since 2008 Dollars through its Twitter channels. It doesn’t seem like much in terms of total sales, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Especially since Dell not only stores automated tweets, but also enters into a concrete dialogue with its followers (what tweets and followers are, you can find on,

How better not to do social media marketing

The currently most frightening example of a social media marketing campaign aimed primarily at building an image is that of the fee collection center is not the most popular institution. which is expected to be rough

As you can see, social marketing is a very broad field. For this reason, we created this site. We are social media fans and are eager to follow current developments in this area. Whenever there is something new, we will report on it. And we like to repeat it again.

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