Some of the Killer Tricks for Mobile and Robi User


Hi how are now I am telling some tips for Mobile and Robi User

if you suffer from an link. I know too that it’s so painful for a mobile user when he downloads a file. if this file bind’s impossible to this file for his unable ok.

Now I am telling you how to remove or find skip options in your opera mini browser

It’s simple

now you go to an link here you don’t see any  skip options

How I see it

you just write this script in your browser [javascript: show skip();]

and now you of crouse you see a skip option and now click skip and download your file

 change your mobile logo

 hi its killer tricks its help you to create  a mobile logo for Mobile User


first, you open your blue FTP software

if it does not have on your mobile you can download

then you select a logo or picture

and you rename it’s with (any name with .ople) or logo. people

ok now its moves your root directory(<e:/>)if it stays in any folder ok
Then open your mobile music player

then go to  Music Menu > Options> Downloads > Go To Address .

Clear the “RTSP://” and type this – file:///e:/logo.oplc  and press Ok

If your mobile doesn’t have these functions, download the attached bookmark (cut by blue FTP & open it >

Then exit – Now you will see a message saying “operator logo received save? ” Save it and you will see the logo as an operator logo on your screen

.Now if u want to close it just go to phone settings > display settings > operator logo > off. And if u want to change it just replace The logo.oplc with your desired logo.

 Robi miscall alert for Robi User

hi I am telling you how to set up freely miscall alert


it’s so simple just follow my instructions
For this first, you need to register. There are two ways to register.

(i) first ways you dial from your mobile( *140*2*1*1#)
(ii)and 2nd way is to go to your massage options and types reg and send it8272

These  Proces, No need to Charge, No monthly subscription fee applies.
This offer will continue until further notice.
free set up GP miscall alert if you use up miscall alert with a charge but no have any charge if you use these tricks.

It’s Very Simple. Just Follow My Instruction.


(i) First Select Menu. After clicking on call settings.
(ii) Then go to call divert option.
(iii) Then click voice calls and select if not available.
(iv) After that click on a new number
(v) Now type 1266 and save it for diverting.
(vi) Conditions apply.

In this way,  both Mobile and Robi User can enjoy their loved one technology.

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