The Ultimate Guide to Different Software Usage


Hi, friend how are welcome to my site. now I will give you some kind of software and software usage. Here these are

 Background Changer:

It’s so nice software it must be affected your mind.its help you change your background such as a hard disk or removable disk. if you want to change your local disk background you can buy it. we know local disk or any removable disk always be white default but it helps you to change background with your choosing are you waiting if you want this in your computer so install it and enjoy

How to use:

  • First, you go to this  link
  • and download it
  • Then install to your computer
  • Then you open it(start menu>all program> background changer
  • And now change your background which you want to change


it’s the important or necessary software and now I will tell you about this software used if you to any file extract it or zip you can buy it. when you file from the internet so it’s zip default.if no have Winrar installed on your computer so never open it because zip formatted files only open this kind of software.also have these kinds of software such as 7 zip, WinZip, etc so if you not want any problem you can install it in your software. Also that it helps you to decrease your file helps another privilege that if a file formatted with it in fact no one virus can affect it so I recommended you that you of crouse use thanks.

  • First, you go to this link and download it
  • Then you install to your computer
  • Then which you want to formatted zip so you select files and then you click the left button on your mouse
  • You will see extract files if you click extract files its make these files zip formatted
  • When you want to normal so you again click left button and you will see extract here you click and enjoy this file

Youtube Downloader:

 youtube it’s the helpful software .when you want a movie or video song .and if it is well of crouse you will want to download it but how yes it this software help you when you want to download you a favorite song just open it and gives this URL and download this movie or video.


It’s so nice is a different kind of software. It’s your view of your image or picture indifferently. When you want to see a picture on your computer just click on this picture .so you see differently open it. I also that you must see your all pictures in this software. because when you install your software it’s collected your all picture.

Facebook Plugin:

it’s a helpful can use it alternatively for need to go to your Facebook site. And no need login reply to this site.also that if you  want to see who man likes your post, your image, you can to see it from your desktop so I meant if you use Facebook I recommended you use it for your privilege

  • First, you go to this link and download it
  • Then you install it on the computer
  • Then open and log in your Facebook id
  • ok now start to chat with your loved one.

If you any difficulty with all the above-mentioned software usage then you can comment to me for further instructions.

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