WordPress Webshop With Shopp on a Budget: Tips From the Great Depression


You are a proud WordPress user and would like to set up a WordPress Webshop. Which plugin do I use for this? And do I even have to start a webshop in combination with WordPress? Isn’t it better to install Magento or osCommerce?

My advice is Use Shop for WordPress!

Of course, it is nice to say this, but why? I will try to tell you my story briefly but powerfully in the hope that I can help you make the right choice.

My choice for WordPress
I’ve been designing and building WordPress websites for clients for about three years now. I do this through my company Website delivery. If you want to read more about this, check out the About WordPress tips page.

I work with WordPress on a daily basis and I love it! It is a wonderful system that is easy to work with. You will agree with me, otherwise, you will not take the trouble to search for a WordPress Webshop.

A few years ago I was in exactly the same boat as you are now. Do I use Zingiri, WP e-commerce, Shopp, eShop, or Magento, or osCommerce? After reading many forums, blogs, reviews, and reactions, I finally made the choice for Shopp.

And I am glad I did this! 🙂

The disadvantages of free webshops

First, I gave it a try with WP E-commerce (since it’s free, what can go wrong?). I really didn’t like this at all! Not at all clear and also an absolute drama from a design technical point of view. Remove that shit!

Then I decided to try Zingiri and eShop (also because they are free) but to no avail. Again I run into the same problems as with WP E-commerce. Could it be the free versions, after all, I thought to myself?

At this moment I had decided to give it a try with a larger party, namely Magento. What a log package that is! Transferring the files will quickly take you 10 minutes. Once installed I couldn’t see the forest for the trees, I had no idea where to start. And I didn’t feel like doing so much work for a small webshop. Hoppa, delete it again!

Shop Plugin

Shopp LogoAfter installing all the free versions, it was time to reach for your pockets, after all, $ 55 is still worth doing. This is how my first webshop purchase happened.

Exciting. Will I get value for my money?

After a smooth installation (a lot faster than Magento) I ended up in a clear WordPress back-end. The Shopp menu is divided into six sub-items: Orders, Customers, Products, Categories, Offers, and Settings. It couldn’t be clearer! To illustrate, I have included some images for you. An image says more than 100 words!

Extensive Possibilities

As you can see for yourself, it is clear, simple in design, and has the necessary options to change settings. You can therefore adjust the necessary to the institutions, below a brief summary:
– currency, tax rate, country of residence & target markets
– different payment systems (including iDEAL and Paypal)
-design-wise you are completely in control, everything is easy to adjust via CSS
– option to the digital product download
– all template files are written in PHP and easily editable

I can go on and on and list all the benefits, but I think some real-time examples are more useful. For Website delivery, I have built a number of WordPress webshops for customers.

If you make frequent use of WordPress and want to dive into the webshop world, then Shopp is a good investment! If you want to become the new bol.com, the system certainly has its limitations, but for small to medium-sized webshops it is an ideal WordPress plugin for WordPress Webshop.

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