The Ultimate Guide to What is the Best WordPress Hosting?


Today just a short article. I want to dedicate it to web hosting for WordPress.

I often read on the internet that you have special providers for WordPress hosting, special WordPress support blah blah. Actually, this is just huge bullshit!

Some providers just package it very nicely. Often, however, you are a lot more expensive with them than with another provider.

First I will explain the requirements to you. After that, I have some tips regarding hosting providers!

Database support

You have to make sure that you purchase a package with at least one database because WordPress needs a database to store all data, such as your articles and settings.

PHP support

Your package must also have PHP support.

Maybe you think PHP…. What is that? PHP is, in short, a scripting language. Like HTML, you use PHP to write code. However, PHP is more advanced than HTML and is used to create dynamic web pages. Since WordPress makes frequent use of PHP, this is a requirement for your hosting package.

Now that you know what you need, you want to find the right hosting provider.

But which one should you choose? After all, there are hundreds of providers.

I often use TransIP and Your hosting myself.

Both are great providers! Never had any problems with it.

The service is also excellent at both. If you have a question or comment, you will often receive an email back the same day. Both also have a clear control panel where you have a clear overview of your databases, e-mail options, and much more.

Of course, there are many more excellent providers to be found. However, I have positive experiences with the above. Why switch when you know it’s all right?

I should read the entire WordPress Adsense System guide once through so I get a good view of the whole pictureIts rather like mapping out a journey ahead of time so you knowin generalwhere youre going

Hopefully, you have become a bit wiser again.

The only thing you need is a hosting package with PHP support and at least one database. Almost every hosting provider offers this, so you can actually go to anyone for your WordPress hosting.

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