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Santa Cruz Web Design

In Santa Cruz Web Design, Specializing in Original Graphic Design, HTML Production, HTML and Graphic Maintenance, Web Site Marketing and Programming Services

Santa Cruz Web Design offers a complete web development solution for businesses. Our most important advantage is flexibility. We can design and develop your entire project and provide your company with web maintenance, or we can take the digital design of your artist and build the XHTML pages from there.

Original Graphic Design

We offer affordable design packages to fit each budget. Client participation is welcome and our review cycles help clients remain involved over the course of the project.

HTML & XHTML Production Work

Our Production staff is skilled at hand coding to ensure that your web pages are written to the very current specifications of the World Wide Web Consortium, and so that your pages will be viewable in the widest possible number of browsers.

HTML & XHTML and Graphic Maintenance

We’ve worked with design firms looking for production work, like EM Design Studios, companies working with an independent design firm who need production and maintenance, like the Davidson Institute, to companies or agencies looking for quality and quick web maintenance, like the County of San Mateo – Recycle Works.

Web Site Marketing and Promotion

We’re skilled at marketing your web pages so that Google, MSN, AOL, and Yahoo (the very top of the search engine market) can find and rank your pages highly. We use only ethical marketing strategies that Google approves of to ensure that you are not blacklisted. There are few silver bullets, just hard work to getting your site listed highly in Google.

Trusted Partners

We partner with the best local and national companies to provide the customer with the finest Internet services. Database applications and scripting are provided by Korb Systems, Hosting is provided through, and other Internet services are provided by VeriSign, Thawte, and Network Solutions.

Web Development

Korb specializes in many areas of web developmentSome of the services we offer are:

  • Project Planning and Management Services
  • Specification Generation
  • Scheduling (Gantt chart)
  • Information ArchitectureUser Interface Design
  • Navigation Design (print to webweb redesignetc.)
  • Catalog Design
  • User Testing
  • User Profile Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Static Comp Development
  • Web Safe Color Pallet Design
  • Typography
  • Banner Ad Design

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