Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve Web Media Services


The integrity of any professional service is defined by the people who make it happen by providing their web services. Our staff is diverse and talented, capable of turning the internet into a useful tool for almost any business. This new medium can be an ambiguous glob of cryptic acronyms and confusing terminology. We’ll explain and teach. We’re not interested in “cool”.

We don’t want to create “art”. We just want to put the internet to work for our clients. We design. We program. We re-design. We also adapt. No single Web Media employee ever says “That’s not my problem.” Each of us will promptly assist you. If we don’t know something, we learn it; if there’s a gap, we fill it. If, after every stone has been turned, we can’t help you, we’ll find someone who can. However, this circumstance has yet to present itself.

We’ve worked under just about all conditions, in most cases providing all aspects of service. We pride ourselves on the strength of our relationships – many of our clients have been with us since our founding.


  • Web Site Design & Development
  • Multimedia/Flash Development
  • Logo/Identity Creation
  • E-Commerce
  • Content Management Systems
  • Customer/Supplier Extranets
  • Employee Intranets
  • Interactive CD-ROMs
  • Digital Signage


  • Helping clients define marketing/customer service goals and objectives
  • Writing strategic planning documents
  • Assistance with sound decision-making regarding the use of internet and server technologies
  • Determining realistic expectations
  • Developing new ideas for the use of web/internet technology to enhance marketing and customer service efforts
  • Creating phased implementation/rollout plans and schedules


  • Developing appealing web-based graphic design concepts
  • Designing user-friendly interfaces that load quickly and promote user satisfaction
  • Creating useful site architecture and navigation systems
  • Establishing a consistent professional graphic image across large sites or groups of sites
  • Designing banner ads, icons, and other online marketing materials


  • Constructing pages and interfaces using HTML and JavaScript techniques that are compliant with a wide range of browsers and operating systems
  • Designing interactive features using .NET, ASP, PHP, Perl, and other advanced server-side programming techniques
  • Integrating database technologies (SQL, MS Access) to create sophisticated data-driven web sites
  • Using dynamic page-generation technologies to streamline maintenance and updates
  • System administration of Windows NT, Unix, and Macintosh web servers
  • Creating web-based administration interfaces for clients to easily perform maintenance and updates


  • Acting as an outsourced supplier of web content maintenance services
  • Developing procedures and interfaces for client in-house maintenance
  • Training of client staff in web page editing techniques
  • Monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly web site traffic reports and expert analysis
  • Evaluation of emerging server technologies
  • Hardware and software update.

Web Media Services Group is a top-quality web design and development company located in Buffalo, New York. Our services include web site design & development, multimedia/flash development, logo/identity creation,
e-commerce, content management systems, print materials, interactive CD-ROMs, and digital signage for a large range of corporate, government, and non-profit clients.

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