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Maxey Web Services

A professionally designed website will establish your unique identity on the web, market your products or services, act as an extended advertisement, and help you communicate more effectively with your client base.

Our services include the design, build, and maintenance of websites to promote your business; digital photography, and creation of bespoke artwork for use in promotional material for your website. We also offer front-line computer and peripherals on-site trouble-shooting.

We commit ourselves to work closely with you to develop an effective website that meets your business needs – whether it be an on-line brochure, news distribution, or simply an Internet presence – you choose.

Free ‘Site’ Consultation
We liaise closely with you to decide the project parameters for your future website or redesign/makeover of your existing site. Together we determine which existing materials – corporate literature, letterheads, logos, graphics, and photos, etc. – can or should be incorporated into
the site and what additional material needs to be developed.
You receive a price estimate and a time-frame for completion of the project, if applicable.
Terms of Service apply.

Copy Writing and Editing
We can help create a clear, concise copy or edit existing text for your web pages.
Digital Photo Scanning and Retouching
We will scan, retouch, and color tune your old/existing photos, or assist in creating new material.

Custom Graphics
We can create a custom page banner and logo to give your business a unique identity.

Graphics Optimisation
We manipulate the .gif, .jpg, .png graphic, or photo images with optimizing software to improve their download speeds.

Search Engine Optimisation
We design your pages to take advantage of meta tags and keywords (a sort of “shorthand” description of your site that search engines understand) to enhance your search engine ranking

Site Maintenance
We update your site with current information as you provide it.

Search Engine Submission
We submit your site to the major search engines and directories including AltaVista, Google, Infoseek, HotBot, Lycos, WebCrawler, Yahoo, etc.

Domain Registration and Hosting
We work with you to register your site name with the appropriate authorities, including domain name availability searches and arranging for site hosting.

Complimentary Services
We offer an additional range of IT related services to small businesses, sole operators, and individuals, including:

Digital Photography
We can facilitate your web-oriented photography needs – from stock/product illustrations to promotional material. We can upload it directly to your PC* or burn it on to CD. The material can be digitally enhanced for optimal output dependent on end-use.

Hardware and Peripherals Trouble-shooting
Can’t get your printer/scanner/camera to work? Our front-line troubleshooting services should get you back up and running. Problems requiring workbench/technician input can be referred to as our affiliate service at Apollo Computers.

New PC Set-up
Just bought a PC from Tiny/PC World/John Lewis? Not sure where everything plugs in? Need to get on-line for the first time and establish an email address with an ISP? Let us do the hard work for you, leaving your system ready to go.

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