Microsoft Security Software 2.0! Reliable Anti-virus Capability


Microsoft Security Software (Microsoft Security Essentials) is often accompanied underestimated previously because the previous generation of Microsoft security software, Microsoft OneCare antivirus software testing in a variety of results is not entirely satisfactory, it is often said that Microsoft’s antivirus software is not professional development. But since 2010, Microsoft developed Microsoft’s own security software (Microsoft Security Essentials) 2.0 allows users to brighten after the release, anti-virus greater capacity, VB100 scores by repeated high scores. Here we take a look at Microsoft’s security software to obtain the final version 2.0, can give us a satisfactory answer.

The VB100 test

VB100Award Awards (known as the VB100 anti-virus certification) is a famous British independent HIV testing center worldwide organization Virus Bulletin, Wild List, to the virus database as the source of the virus, countries around the world for testing anti-virus software, the diagnosis rate of 100% misdiagnosis rate of 0 % of awards given.

For users, it can go to the official website to see the latest VB100 test results (need to sign up for a free account), if want to see detailed test reports, we should spend money to buy. The companies use the VB100 certification, but also need to pay for (in order to ensure the fairness of the evaluation, testing is not required to spend money to participate).

Such as the recent VB100 test results shown in Figure, where “×” indicates that no test, “box” that did not participate in testing, with VIRUS100 LOGO, said the test.

This year’s Microsoft security software (Microsoft Security Essentials) participated in the 4 times VB100 certification testing, only one can not be missed. Open Microsoft security software (Microsoft Security Essentials) veteran Microsoft OneCare, the cumulative number of times through the VB100 has 5 times. Does this represent (Microsoft Security Essentials) is no longer a feather boy, its anti-virus technology today comes through the accumulation? Here take a look at Microsoft’s security software in the performance in VB100.

The RAP Test VB100 

RAP Test Chinese translation for the latest virus detection rate. This more stringent test, submit the test after anti-virus software, VB100 the weekly samples were collected by adding a new test, a total of 4 weeks of the new test samples, calculate the average score of 4 weeks, this is the RAP TEST results.

Then look at a summary of the VB100 RAP Test results, this figure seems relatively straightforward. Which may be Microsoft’s security software can be found (Microsoft Security Essentials) is the highest number of scores.

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