The Ultimate Guide to Virus Scanner


Virus Scanner

A virus scanner is special software that detects known computer virusesworms, or Trojansblocks their access andif necessaryeliminates themA virus or worm often spreads independently over the Internet and can cause various types of damage to the PCThese range from impairments in computer performancedamage to software and hardwaretransfer of personal data stored on the PC, or even damage to the operating systemTherefore it is nowadays more and more important to use a virus scanner to avoid such damage.

A distinction is made between different types of virus scanners.

the real-time scanner (on-access scanner) always works in the background and scans all programs, files, folders, or the main memory. However, an on-access scanner alone does not provide complete protection against malware (unwanted software that damages the PC), for example.

Since a real-time scanner reduces the performance of the computer, some parts such as certain file formats, compressed files, or the like are only partially scanned or not at all. Therefore, it is recommended to run a manual scan regularly.

If a virus is found, the user is always asked what to do with the infected file (delete, quarantine, or repair).

In contrast to the real-time scanner, there is the manual scanner (on-demand scanner), in which the user has to start the virus scan manually, therefore also on demand. If a virus is found, the same measures are available as with a real-time scanner. A hard drive scan should be performed regularly. Many virus scanners offer the option of automatically scanning the computer, for example, once a week.
With the automatic update function, current virus information and signatures can be downloaded regularly. This ensures that the software is up to date and that the latest viruses can be found if necessary.

There are numerously chargeable, but also very good free virus scanners, most of which can be easily obtained from the Internet.

It is also very often the case that the virus cannot be deleted from an infected computer through a virus scanner because then so many processes are running at the same time,


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